The Importance of Being Local – Part I

I just paid property taxes for our businesses, which I gladly do each year with gratitude that I live in a wonderful community, in a free country, and among people I love and care for dearly. I wonder how many of you realize what is involved with real businesses – brick and mortar, mom and pops – and their expenses? Do you realize that brick and mortar businesses help support all the things in your local community that you take for granted? Your public schools, your city (including pension funds), streets, roads, library, and other funds for your city and county? Do you enjoy these things? I do. I want everyone in our community to take advantage and enjoy all of the things our community has to offer the general public. Not only do we pay plenty to our local communities directly, but we add to the local economy by employing other individuals in your community that have families to support whose children play alongside your children at school and on their sports teams, or participate in their dance classes. And, of course, we gladly give to local fundraising efforts like your children’s sports teams, school activities, and fundraisers for many causes. The point of this post is to remind you of all the things you enjoy in your community, please remember that they are largely generated and supported by BRICK AND MORTAR BUSINESSES IN YOUR COMMUNITY! If you’d like to see them continue, then continue to support your locally owned businesses. When we do well, your community does well. We give back over and over and over in many ways and we are grateful to do so. Please consider these things when you think about making a direct sales purchase, purchasing from businesses that aren’t actual store fronts, or order things online from an online only company that may be available in your town. Let’s all make sure that our local communities thrive together, not only for business owners, but for their employees and their families along with all the school employees, students, and public works employed by your city and county. Remember all of the lives in your community that are impacted by your spending habits. Your community is depending on YOU to make the difference.  Make every dollar you spend count for your locality.

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