About Deep In My Delta Soul

Six generations of Arkansas Delta soil run through my veins. Traveling far and near often, I find the most pleasure in the simplistic characteristics of life in this region. I come from a long line of hard workers determined to make a difference.

My name is Jamie Darling. I am a business owner by day, farm wife by night, and weekend explorer of adventure. A true music enthusiast, I travel far and wide for good blues, Texas music, and anything original. Willie Nelson is my hero. As food purist, I believe you should keep your friends, cheese and butter real. A proud Southerner and history buff who loves marking the savoriness of the past, I keep a hopeful eye to the future for my people of this special place. Follow my stores, Darling’s Fine Things, McCrory Flower Shop & Marketplace, and the newest addition, our store on wheels, Delta Darling. My life experience every single day that leaves no room for boredom.

Join me as I rediscover the past and celebrate the culture, history and influences of some of the greatest people God ever put on the planet. Together we will cronical the events that are deep in my Delta soul.

Contact me at deepinmydeltasoul@gmail.com.

Molly Graham Welch

Dear Jamie, I just now read the Facebook page about Officer Wetherford and found it all very good and made me proud for Newport anytime a person from Newport makes an impression on people. Especially, the Military. I lost my husband 4 years ago when he died from a heart attack. He was a Lt.Col, in the Army for 21 years and I grew up in Newport in the 1950s and your last name, made me think of a former classmate, Charlene Darling, and I wondered if you were related. I always thought a lot of Charlene. My mother knew many people in Newport because she was in any show they ever put on in Newport. She was an entertainer “ham” and you may have known Mary K. Graham. She always played a comic role and one time I was in the audience when she came out to do a serious number and the audience laughed when she came out, the number she sang was “Guess Who I Saw You with Last Night. I felt so embarrassed at the time, but knowing Buddy it didn’t really bother her. I thought she was indomitable(sp?) and my father thought she was tops. I saw where you suffered through your mother’s illness. Buddy was never diagnosed as having Alzheimers, but I’m sure that’s what she had. My ancestors, the Mantooths moved from Newport, TN to Newport, AR around 1890 or a little before or after. I kind of think like you do, that my sole runs deep in the black delta soil of Jackson County, AR. I love to cook & recipes and the history around Newport. P.S. Willie Nelson is also a hero of mine!

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