It’s The Simple Things That Never Go Out Of Style



In a world where technology controls our every move, it is quite refreshing to resign ourselves to the simple things in life.  Casual chatting among friends through text messages may be the norm of communication these days, but it is not always necessarily the right form of communication.  It seems as though the ease of technology has caused us to lose our manners a bit, or, regretfully, perhaps not teach the younger generation what proper communication etiquette is in the first place.

Many public schools have chosen to do away with teaching cursive writing their curriculum.  What a dreadful shame!   Nothing soothes the soul as a hand-written note from the heart.  A lady near and dear to me was very musically talented.  Each Sunday she played in church made you feel like you were attending a grand piano concert.   Now that she is gone, what I and others who knew her well remember most about her isn’t just her beautiful music but the hand-written personal notes she randomly sent to each of us.  While you might not think that Mrs. Deen noticed your attendance during worship service, you knew how much she did notice you and how much she cared about you when you received one of her lovely, hand-written, and personal notes in the mail.  Her notes were so special and she had a way of brightening your day with compliments and uplifting words, sometimes at very dark moments when you least expected to receive such a blessing.  I still have those notes and I will cherish and keep them the rest of my days.  Receiving a special thank you note from a person who has meant much to you at different points in your life, a congratulatory note for recent accolades from a friend of long ago, or that touching note of sympathy from a dear one who was close to your lost loved one.  All of these are timeless treasures that remain forever close to our hearts.  These are treasured moments that can be relived and remind us of the feelings of that moment for years to come.  Technology with its cold text messages cannot ever duplicate those such feelings.

The wonderful taste-maker and designer Emily McCarthy reminds us of the importance of incorporating the art of well-written correspondence and plain old-fashioned good manners.  Emily’s impeccable stationery designs make you want to express your thoughts on the beautiful paper that will make the receiver cherish your words so.  Emily also provides tips and reminders for correspondence, gift giving, and daily living that are keeping in the graces good gentile Southern ladies, a trait that never goes out of style and is sure to charm even the most difficult of persons.  As my grandmother always said, there are two things in life that are very necessary for everyone to use and neither costs anything to possess, good manners and  proper English.  In a world where both seem to be diminishing, how much more important it is that we preserve and perpetuate both.



Photos courtesy of Emily McCarthy

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