Hydrangeas, O How I Love Thee

As long as I can remember, my world included hydrangeas.  All of the women before me in my family were avid gardeners.  All had hydrangea bushes planted in their yards.  Fond memories as a young girl playing with cousins in my grandmother’s yard always conjures up visions of blue snowballs at the end of big green leafy shrubs.  Many an arrangement on Sunday mornings placed at church altars contained these lovely flora.  Centerpieces for baby and wedding showers adorned tables with these Southern trademark flowers with color indicating which shower theme.  When driving throughout the South, it is a given that these flowers will be seen in every neighborhood, if not every yard. The hydrangea is simply a Southern staple for gardeners, for florist, and for decorators.  Their budding each year signifies that sweet summer is nigh and all the happy things that summer represents.  Lightning bugs, baseball, children playing in sprinklers, family dinners and cookouts, vacation bible school, bike riding for hours, popsicles from the freezer, screen doors slamming shut, fresh veggies from the garden, shelling peas, and lying under the stars as long as you can before the mosquitoes force you back in the house.

Hydrangeas and I have a special connection.  Not only do they hold amorous feelings from my days as a youngster, but these feelings have continued throughout my adult life as well. When I bought my own house I knew I wanted to have them surround it. When I married I chose white hydrangeas to be the focus of the floralscape.  When my mother passed away I received hydrangea bushes from several friends and all are planted in my yard.  Although the color has changed for some, I can still tell you who sent each one to me.  Now that I am saying goodbye to that house and moving onto a new one, I am contemplating the options of new clipping and transplants of those meaningful bushes.

I am certain that other Southerners have these same feelings towards this bloom.  They just remind us of a time when all was right in our world and the hope that it can be again.  The hydrangea is timeless in beauty, simplicity, and nature.  I think the world would be a better place if more hydrangeas were planted along the way.  It is true that the simple things in life are the best things. So fix yourself a glass of sweet tea or freshly squeezed lemonade, sit out on your porch or patio and enjoy the beautiful view of your hydrangeas.


Hydrangea planted by me in 2011.  Love the multi-colored blooms. Sheer luck.


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